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Long-Term Rental Analysis
8830 SW 94th St UNIT D, Ocala, FL 34481
$160,0002 beds • 2 baths • 1409 sqft

This property looks like a bad Long-Term investment with a projected -6.61% first-year return on $33,600 initial cash invested.

Cash On Cash
Cap Rate
Signal: Med.

Purchase Price  $160k
Downpayment  20.0%
Interest Rate  7.0%
Mortgage Duration  30yr.
Cash To Invest

Total  $33,600
Downpayment  $32,000
Closing costs  $1,600
Rehab  $0
Furnishing  $0

Total Income  $1,645
Total Expenses  $1,830
Mortgage P&I  $852
Property Taxes  $42
Home Insurance  $56
HOA  $453
PManagement  $164
CapEx  $82
Vacancy  $99
Maintenance  $82
Other  $0
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#Comparable PropertyRentBedsBathsSQFTDistance
18680 Sw 94th Ln, Unit G$17002214090.3 mi
28702 Sw 93rd Ln, Unit C$16002214110.2 mi
38829 Sw 94th St, Unit E$16502213690.1 mi
48431 Sw 93rd Pl, Unit F$17002214110.7 mi
58753 Sw 91st St, Unit A$16002214000.6 mi
68459 Sw 92nd St, Unit C$15002214080.7 mi
78864 Sw 92nd Ln, Unit B$18502213690.2 mi
88680 Sw 94th St, Unit C$16502213690.3 mi
98973 Sw 94th Ln, Unit B$16502213600.3 mi
108883 Sw 94th Ln, Unit C$16502213410.1 mi
118701 Sw 94th St, Unit D$15502213410.2 mi
128710 Sw 91st Pl, Unit D$19002213660.5 mi
138710 Sw 91st St, Unit D$19002213660.6 mi
149652 Sw 84th Ter, Unit B$16002213660.7 mi
158896 Sw 90th St, Unit D$17002213680.7 mi
168526 Sw 91st St, Unit D$16002213660.7 mi
178519 Sw 91st St, Unit B$16002214590.7 mi
188670 Sw 97th St, Unit A$17002213410.5 mi
199112 Sw 91st Cir$20002213650.7 mi
209335 Sw 85th Ter, Unit B$14502213690.8 mi
218882 Sw 93rd Pl, Unit F$16002215200.2 mi
228530 Sw 90th St, Unit B$14502213680.9 mi
238640 Sw 94th St, Unit F$15502213220.5 mi
248883 Sw 94th Ln, Unit G$16452215710 mi
258757 Sw 97th Lane Rd, Unit C$16002214900.8 mi